April 29, 2013


Mitch Winehouse: "Andre 3000's Verse in 'Back to Black' Remake Is Horrible"

Fred Duval
Fred Duval

Forget the formalities: After politely telling the Daily Mail he doesn't think Beyonce "brought anything" to her and Andre 3000's version of his daughter's hit "Back to Black" for the Great Gatsby soundtrack, now Mitch Winehouse is sharing his real feelings about the song. And he's talking to you, Andre.

"I just heard the Andre part of Back to Black," he tweeted over the weekend. "Terrible. He should have let Beyonce do it all." Then he signed the tweet "Mitch," because dads don't understand technology.

Mark Ronson, on the other hand, had some nice things to say about the Amy Winehouse redux. Ronson, who produced the original version of the song, premiered the full track on his East Village Radio show Friday. He said, "It’s a wonderful sort of take on our song. I’m flattered and honored. I know Amy would be, too."

Well, if he says so... Decide for yourself below.