April 19, 2013


Slam Dunk: 10 NBA Players' Pre-Game Playoff Jams

#1What Are Your Favorite NBA Players Listening to this Playoff Season?

The NBA Playoffs are getting into full gear this weekend, and we've been wondering what music the players have been listening to when they need to be more hyped up than ever to perform well. 

With every team playing like each game is their last - because it very well might be - and wanting to take down the defending champion Miami Heat (who also racked up the best record in the league this season), it's crucial to get in the right mindset before gametime.

Explore our slideshow to see what players are bumping most this playoff season. From Brandon Jennings and Jeff Teague to Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler, we've got a mixed group of 10 playoff competitors ready to share their locker room mixtapes.

We noticed plenty of Drake (specifically "Started from the Bottom") and Justin Timberlake (mostly "Mirrors" and "Suit and Tie") amongst the picks. Let us know what you listen to when you need to get motivated, and check out the first-round NBA Playoff schedule to tune in. 

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