April 29, 2013


Chill Out With New Atoms for Peace Track "Magic Beanz"

David Wolff - Patrick
David Wolff - Patrick

It being Monday and all, Thom Yorke's tweet regarding the release of new Atoms for Peace song "Magic Beanz" seemed particularly apt: "new song floating about is called Magic Beanz. the Z is v important. I'd find u a link but I'm still in bedzzz"

And while the new track is quite infectious, it may also give you the Zzzs (Yorke is a remarkable trance master after all).

So, if you're up for lots o' ambient noise, fluid vocals and scattered percussion then give this a listen. Seriously, this is exactly what you should be listening to right now. Put the Norwegian death metal back down—save it for Friday.

We currently do not know whether or not the band's newest track is a b-side or an outtake from AMOK, or if it will ever get a proper release.

Oh, also, whatever you do, don't call Atoms for Peace a supergroup. Last week Thom Yorke explained to Rolling Stone that if anyone ever says the "s" word to his face he will "f----ing knock their teeth out." 

Sure, the Radiohead god was reportedly grinning when he said it, but (seriously) don't push it.