April 9, 2013


New Jack Swing: 10 Artists You Need to Know


Few genres encapsulate an era more than New Jack Swing, the music that blended street hip hop rhythms and verses with silky R&B and radio-friendly pop. In the mid-80s, rap and R&B eyed each other suspiciously, with the two genres barely intertwining. In 1986, Janet Jackson's Control laid the groundwork for the two to peacefully coexist. And by the late 1980s, former Guy founder Teddy Riley was quickly becoming the new genre's architect. We've eulogized the music in our Obituary for a Genre column. If you're brushing up, or just want to relive the time when parachute pants and high top fades didn't get your ass kicked on the playground, take a look at these 10 artists who defined the genre.

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