April 16, 2013


‘The Wanted Life’ Promises Behind the Scenes Boy Band Action

Denise Truscello
Denise Truscello

Move over 1D, The Wanted have their eyes on primetime! 

Tune in as E! cameras follow the five friends in the Brit-Irish boy band as they prepare for their newest US and European world tour.

The lads will be enduring some serious culture shock as they try to increase their US exposure from a house in the Hollywood Hills.

And E! promises to capture every moment as Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan take on the newest chapter in their lives. From the making of their new album to the boys’ highly publicized love lives, everything is game.

We’re pretty pumped cause if their music videos are any indication, “The Wanted Life” will be one hell of a party.

Check out the series premiere Sunday, June 2.