April 26, 2013


Nicki Minaj to Make Film Debut in Cameron Diaz Comedy

Earl Gibson III
Earl Gibson III

If you're one of the many cinephiles who couldn't get enough of Nicki Minaj bringing Steffie the Woolly Mammoth to life in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, we've got great news for you.

The Queen Barb is slated to make her film debut in an upcoming Cameron Diaz comedy called The Other Woman. Directed by Nick Cassavetes—who helmed Justin Timberlake's breakthrough film Alpha Dog—the movie is about Diaz exacting revenge on her philandering boyfriend. The Hollywood Reporter says Minaj will play "Diaz's opinionated assistant at a law firm" in the movie.

Given her Idol run, Cassavetes shouldn't have to work too hard to get shades of "opinionated" out of her on camera. But playing someone's assistant? Minaj might need an acting coach for that.