April 4, 2013


Norwegian Schools Delay Exams for Justin Bieber Concert

Adam Berry
Adam Berry

The faculty at several schools in the fishing port of Ålesund are scared of students coming down with Bieber fever. Although the ailment is not normally viewed as a sickness worthy of an absence, The Guardian reports that teachers fear large numbers of students will skip out on exams to catch the Biebs in all his live glory.

Headmaster Roar Aasen of Blindheim secondary school explained, “We find it regrettable, but we preferred to move forward the Norwegian exams to avoid problems.” He added that the Bieber issue was “a battle that we could not win.”

After discovering several months ago that nearly half of the girls at the schools were planning on attending the concert, the headmasters made the decision to alter the exam schedule.

OK kids, you've won this round, but do us a favor and chant “monkey, monkey” as Bieber hits the stage. Germany’s just a train ride away and Lil’ Mally needs his daddy.