One look at Zooey Deschanel invokes nostalgic feelings of classic beauty and makes us think she wouldn't have been out of place as a '60 pin-up girl. Perhaps that's why she sounds right at home on "I Could've Been Your Girl," a Beach Boys-esque ditty from She & Him, the musical unit of the New Girl actress and indie fave M. Ward.

While the first single from their upcoming album, "Never Need Your Love," was a breezy folk confection, this new track dives into sunny California pop-rock sounds. Deschanel showcases the highs and lows of her vocal range while cooing cute lyrics like,"I could've been your girl / And you could have been my four-leaf clover." 

The adorable tune is from their forthcoming LP Volume 3, which the duo will support with a summer tour and festival dates. We wouldn't mind watching her performing in pin-up attire, just sayin'.