April 23, 2013


Snoop Rips Congress for Not Passing Gun Control Bill

Isaac Brekken
Isaac Brekken

Despite enjoying the support of 90% of Americans, a bill that would expand background checks on gun purchases failed to pass the U.S. Senate earlier this month.

That didn't sit right with many Americans who were sickened to see the first gun control measure following a string of tragic shootings stopped cold by Congress. And apparently no one is angrier at Washington right now than gangsta rapper-turned-reggae singer Snoop Lion.

“Politicians, y'all got to pay attention, man," the "No Guns Allowed" singer said in an interview with Huffpost Live. "This world that we live in, it's so easy to get your hands on a gun. You've got to put some restrictions on it. I can go outside right now and buy a gun. Easy, just like that. You all should really think about it before it hits home, before it hits one of your family members or it hits you."

Even though he's remade himself as a laid-back, peace-loving Rasta, Snoop got a little heated when pressed on the issue: "If I can say this and I can mean it, then goddammit, get off your ass and make it happen."

C'mon, Congress. You might've had issues with the Dogg's lyrics back in the day, but you can't mess with the Lion.