April 21, 2013


Snoop Lion 420 Festival (Surprise!) Shut Down By Cops

Joe Kohen
Joe Kohen

What could possibly go wrong when a famous rapper decides to open his doors to the public with an extravagant party for a very special guest of honor: cannabis?

Snoop Lion found out the hard way last night.

Tickets to the annual Snoop Lion 420 Festival were made available on Eventbrite.com and ranged in price from $150 to $1500.

According to XXL, ticket holders gained entrance to a ginormo mansion in the Hollywood Hills. And from the looks of pics provided by SunOfHollywood.com, the shindig was complete with a bevy of bare-skinned ladies, copious giant portraits of Snoop Lion, flowing libations, pop-up-tents and lots and lots of Mary Jane.

The rapper took to celebrating the day early with a tweet at midnight the day before the party wishing fans "happyholidays #snoop420."

But, little did he know, poor Snoop Lion was about to have a Justin Bieber "Worst Birthday" moment. Just as the rapper sauntered into the bash police arrived and put an end to it all--due to multiple complaints from neighbors concerned with the noise level and lack of parking.

But it's all cool; Snoop was friendly and no citations were issued.

And that calls for a celebration. Let's do this!