April 20, 2013


South Korea Bans Native Son Psy's New Music Video

KBS, South Korea's largest broadcaster, is so not cool with disrespecting…public property.

Newsday is reporting that the state-funded KBS feels that the video does not meet its "standards as a public broadcaster." The network also said that other videos have been banned for similar reasons in the past.

The scene that put KBS into a tizzy happens in the first five seconds of the video. The one where (don't worry! You can take your hands off your child's eyes.) Psy is shown kicking around a poor, unarmed traffic cone and (looking straight at the camera) maniacally laughing.

The network explained its decisions saying:

"KBS’s review standards … are different from the Internet, online broadcasters or cable channels. This is because network TV is watched by everyone regardless of gender and age. Infants or children haven’t fully developed a standard for judgment and tend to believe and follow what’s shown on television."

Please think of the children when traffic cones are injured!

Awwww, dry those eyes Psy! Who needs KBS when you've got YouTube Records to slay!