April 29, 2013


Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch: 5 Sweetest Lyrics From She & Him's 'Volume 3'

Spring has sprung and She & Him have a new album to soundtrack those rosy walks in flower-filled parks. Actress/songbird Zooey Deshanel and her musical partner M. Ward have just unveiled their third album, titled (surprise!) Volume 3, which is streaming at NPR ahead of its release next week.

The album includes 14 songs—three covers (Blondie, Mel Carter, the Ronettes) and 11 originals penned by Deschanel. And these are very much Zooey's songs; most feature just her vocals. 

She & Him described the album in a press release as a “bleached-out-in-the-sun pop record,” and that description basically sums up Volume 3—though, I would add that there is an unabashed Phil Spector '60s girl-group vibe going on (hence the Ronettes cover). The addition of string arrangements and incessantly poppy guitar drive that vibe home.

In "London," Deschanel sings of tulips blooming "in the most unusual way." And She & Him certainly couldn't have picked a better time of year for this record.

And while you devour She & Him's ear candy, check out our top five (sweeter than a honeybun) lyrics from Volume 3

-- "Baby I know I told you a million or more times that I, I love you so!" Zooey coos. M. Ward responds, "Baby, I want to be sure, you know that I need you and I, I'll never let you go."

-- "I Could’ve Been Your Girl": "I could have been your girl, and you could have been my four leaf clover!"

-- "Turn to White": "Sometimes, sometimes I think I could fade away in the light, oh the light of an ever sunny day."

-- "Sunday Girl": "I've got the blues, please come see, what your loving means to me!"

-- "Somebody Sweet to Talk to": "I want you! If you go, I will surely get distracted. And I want you! Somebody sweet to talk to, somebody sweet to talk to!"

Might be time for a trip to the dentist!