April 28, 2013


Sweet Freedom: Justin Bieber Avoids Charges After Bus Raid


Everyone knows that the Biebs enjoys the occasional smoke. But when the "Boyfriend" singer pulled a Willie Nelson (or a Fiona Apple or a Nelly or a…just check out our handy-dandy list here) with a full-on raid on his tour bus last week, things weren't looking quite so giggly anymore.

But our great Nation can sleep more soundly tonight: Justin Bieber is getting off scot-free! Stockholm County Police press officer, Kjell Lengren, told Celebuzz

“Justin will not be questioned because no one was on the bus when we searched it. So you don’t know who to press charges against." 

“As far as I know there is no further case.” 


Lengren also had some additional deets on the bust. He explained that a policeman at the concert smelled a suspicious odor coming from Bieb's bus (which was parked in a garage) and then called on the dogs. 

“It was suspected someone was using drugs and a small amount of suspected marijuana or hash was found,” he said.

Wait! But wasn't there also a stun gun or something super exciting too?!

Yep! Authorities totally uncovered an electric stun gun on the bus, which is a serious no-no in the Scandinavian country.

“Justin’s not allowed to have narcotics or electric tasers in Sweden and as far as we know he did not have permission," Lengren said.

Look Biebs, I know you are probably pretty torn up over the loss of your stun gun, but look on the bright side: Your pet monkey is totally waiting for you in Germany!