April 20, 2013


The Robots Speak: Daft Punk Discuss 'Random Access Memories' Tracks

Even without having a single review for their album up yet, there is one award that Daft Punk will almost certainly win: Most Hype of 2013.

After being teased mercilessly, we were rewarded for our patience with a Vine tracklist on the 17th and we (finally!!!) got to download "Get Lucky" on Thursday. Now, our electronic overlords have graced us with an interview in which they explain songs from Random Access Memories

Only problem is, said interview was given to the French magazine Le nouvel Observateur so it's, you know, in French. The original article does not directly attribute quotes to either Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo or Thomas Bangalter, but instead quotes them as a unit.

 Here are a few highlights we decoded with the help of Google Translate:

-"The Game of Love": DP sang with vocoders and is (unsurprisingly) pretty obsessed with the idea of artificial intelligence. They wanted to evoke "An emotion of something that is not human but tries to be."

-"Instant Crush" features vocals by Julian Casablancas (both members were big fans and were eager to meet him.) They showed Casablancas the original demo of the song, which they had lying around, and he helped the song evolve. Daft Punk said it was important that the album was "surrounded by our contemporaries."

-"Touch": Was the crux of the album. They describe the song as "very cinematic, very narrative." Adding that the song "clearly defines the psychedelic aspect of Random Access Memories." The song contains whopping 250 tracks!

-"Get Lucky": Pharrell Williams "is a born performer" with a lot of "elegance." "We wanted to give the impression of being in a capsule in the studio, isolated from the world."

-"Motherboard": "A futuristic piece, which could be from the year 4,000…"

-"Doing 'it Right": "That angelic voice is Panda Bear. We love what he's doing solo, as well as the approach of his group [Animal Collective]. 

-"Contact": "A piece made with DJ Falcon and recorded during the last mission of NASA's Apollo 17. The voice is that of Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man to have gone to the moon."

And if you're still lusting for more Random Access Memories, Pharrell performed "Get Lucky" for the first time last night at the HTC One launch in Brooklyn. Watch him perform the song below. And don't worry, if one little performance is stillll not enough, he sings it three more times!

Breaking: According to Billboard, Spotify had its biggest streaming day for a single track (in the US and the UK) on Friday when "Get Lucky" dropped. Looks like Pharrell isn't the only one who can't stop singing the song...