April 1, 2013


Thom Yorke to Alec Baldwin: "There's No Skill Involved. I'm Incredibly Lucky"

Caitlin Mogridge / Getty
Caitlin Mogridge / Getty

Nope, this isn't April Fools. 30 Rock star/"What's in your wallet?" voice Alec Baldwin recently interviewed Radiohead/Atoms for Peace frontman Thom Yorke on his radio show. And it was awesome. 

After shooting the sh-t about everything from Yorke's childhood aspiration ("I was going to be Queen's Brian May") to "stalking Ed Norton for ages," Yorke wrapped up his interview with a strange claim. Some might call it... an outright lie.

"There's no skill involved," Yorke said of his continued worldwide success. "It's a total fluke, man… I assume I'm just lucky." (He also called himself "jammy," a weird British-ism for "lucky," but that term confused us as much as it did Baldwin so we're going to ignore it.) 

Now we're all for modesty in our musicians, but this is too damn far. We're not talking about Baauer's "Harlem Shake" hitting No. 1 here. This is the leader of arguably the most acclaimed band of the last 20 years saying there's "no skill involved." 

Heck, even if you're not a Radiohead fan, you have to give them props for being the most progressive, experimental rock band to enjoy enormous success since Pink Floyd. So to say success is a "fluke" for them is a bit kooky, but to say there's "no skill involved"? That's modesty run Amok.