April 19, 2013


Your Handy User's Guide for Twitter's #Music App

The first Twitter music app has arrived!

Called "Twitter #music," the app monitors Twitter activity to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists. Cool! It's compatible with web browsers and/or iPhone (... and coming to Android soon!) 

The Fuse staff has spent a full day playing with the new app. So we compiled a handy dandy user's guide with tips and explanations, to help you maximize your Twitter #music experience. #Enjoy.

  • Connect your Spotify and/or Rdio account to Twitter #music ASAP, enabling users to hear full songs rather than 30 second iTunes previews.
  • Five Panels: The app is based around five sections:
    • 2) Emerging
      • Labeled by Twitter as "hidden talent found in the Tweets," the Emerging section is where you’ll discover hot new music. Twitter scan its 500 million users and pulls the most-talked-about new artists. 
      • Downside: Scrolling through and previewing many unknown artists and genres before finally hitting gold.
    • 3) Suggested
      • A list of recommended artists based on your current musical tastes. Suggestions are occasionally unhelpful—yes, we've heard Jay-Z before—but other times uncover an overlooked gem from one of your favorite artists, or introduce you to more obscure artists with a similar sound.
    • 4) #NowPlaying 
      • Tracks tweeted by the users you follow with the hashtag #NowPlaying. Are you following the in-the-know tastemakers? This panel is clutch for staying up-to-date on the hottest new tracks in the music world. Don't forget to use hashtag #NowPlaying!
    • 5) Me
      • It's a hub for new music from the artists you follow. It's a go-to curated playlist of artists you already know and love. 
  • MORE TIPS: Get music recommendations from the artists themselves! Search the artist names in the top right corner, then check out their profile to see which musicians they follow. Some follows may surprise you: Pharrell recently followed Azealia Banks, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Kelly Clarkson and Ziggy Marley

Twitter #music has potential to help change the way listeners consumes music. Check it out and let Fuse know what you think.