April 2, 2013


Vanessa Hudgens Reveals 'Spring Breakers'-Inspired Video Clip for "$$$ex"

Vanessa Hudgens is taking her cocaine-sniffing, trigger-happy bad girl role from Spring Breakers very seriously.

Last week, following the film's release, Hudgens unveiled a new track called "$$$ex," said to be "inspired by the film Spring Breakers." It's dubstep heavy, just like the film and its soundtrack. But now she's unveiled a 30-second video clip for the track that looks like an outtake from Spring Breakers.

Girls in neon bikinis and hot pink ski masks—the go-to Spring Breakers costume—are hanging out in a kitchen. Then the beat drops and Hudgens joins a Girls Gone Wild-esque party and flicks off the camera. Watch above.

Let's hope the full clip arrives soon... and that it stars James Franco, too.