April 24, 2013


'Vanilla Ice Goes Amish' Is a Real Thing, People

DIY Network
DIY Network

Having already been blessed with the Amish-esque birth name Robert Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice will be going to the extreme in a new series on the DIY network called Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, set to premiere later this year.

Ice will collaborate and listen to an Amish community in Ohio, where he'll presumably learn to build homes, curse at no one in particular over his daily 4 A.M. wake-up call and protect a young boy who witnesses, wait for it, a murder! We're looking forward to the eventual "special episode" where Ice coaches Amish children how to rap during Rumspringa.

Details on the show are scarce (other than we'll be watching every single episode), but we hope that if there is, in fact, a problem on the farm, Ice will solve it, revolving hook or not. Here's hoping it goes better than this. (Or this.)