April 4, 2013


Boring Made Brilliant: Interventions Give Boring A New Name

Before last night's brilliance uncapped livestream, vitaminwater and CollegeHumor camped out in Boring, Oregon for a series of interventions. The goal was to #MakeBoringBrilliant. 

The task isn't as easy as it sounds. People are bored more than ever these days - and Boring, a town with only 8,000 residents, may be the place where boredom is born. 

To infuse the town with a blast of excitement, vitaminwater and CollegeHumor chose four normally mundane experiences and improved them. These interventions took place one at a time, and each of them delivered amazing results. 

First, the basic ritual of raising the American flag in the morning was morphed into a heavy metal concert. A marching band also appeared! "This is probably the most excitement we've had here in...forever!" said a Boring resident who watched the event with a shocked face. 

A local restaurant called the Red Apple became an institution of culinary wonderment named Le Pomme Rouge. Residents seemed confused as their usual plates were replaced with delicious French cuisine - but everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

B.o.B lent a hand to take over a community planning meeting and input his superstar personality. The meeting's attendees seemed to be prepared for a long night of terribly mundane facts and figures, but the room livened up when B.o.B came out with a bang.

Most shockingly, the Boring town park got a new visitor...in the form of a life-size dinosaur. People looked at the dinosaur hanging out in the park inside a cage, shocked at the sight - but things got even more brilliant when the beast escaped and started roaming around town. It surprised patrons of a fast-food drive-thru and a convenience store while the helpless keeper plastered "Missing Dinosaur"signs all over town.

Don't forget to check out the replay of the brilliance uncapped concert, which featured performances by B.o.B, Matt and Kim, Santigold and Yung Skeeter, on our show hub page if you missed the live stream last night.