April 15, 2013


Watch The xx & Solange Team Up to Cover Aaliyah at Coachella

Coachella is known for bringing out some major surprise guests (um, holographic Tupac anyone?!). And while The xx didn't resurrect any dead musicians during their Saturday night set, they did pay tribute to another late, great singer with an unexpected guest.

The moody English band brought out R&B singer-turned-indie darling Solange to cover the late Aaliyah's 1997 R&B hit "Hot Like Fire." Bassist Oliver Sim sang the first verse with guitarist Romy Madley Croft backing him before Solange strutted onstage in a bright white tank top and fluorescent pink skirt to join The xx for the second '90s R&B cover they've done together.

Solange's sweet vocals sounded right at home on The xx-ified version of Aaliyah's track. And it was so clear Solange was having fun as she danced around on stage, giggling into the mic and flailed her arms about.

Check out the performance above (at the 18:36 mark) and find time stamps for the other songs The xx performed below.

0:00 -"Try"
4:49 - "Crystalised"
8:58 - "Reunion" 
12:52 - "Far Nearer" 
14:37 - "Sunset"
18:36 - "Hot Like Fire" (featuring Solange)
22:23 - "Night Time"
26:45 - "Swept Away"
29:09 - "Shelter"
34:50 - "VCR" 
38:03 - "Islands"
41:15 -  "Infinity"
47:13 - "Intro"
50:12 - "Angels"