May 31, 2013


Amanda Bynes Tears Lance Bass Apart After "Mental Problems" Comment

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

After decimating Courtney Love on Twitter (despite the Hole singer's well-wishes), the actress turned Internet troll Amanda Bynes is going after Lance Bass. And in keeping with her attack M.O.—take no prisoners, use no thesaurus—she's calling him the worst word she can think of: Ugly.

"I ignored Lance Bass on twitter and now he is saying I have a mental illness," Bynes tweeted. "Sorry you're an ugly ex boy band member w/ no talent or career!"

Oof. Hey, at least she's "sorry" about his flat-lining career. That's nice of her to say.

To be fair, the former 'N Sync singer fired the first shot, telling a Las Vegas radio show he felt his one-time movie collaborator was having a mental breakdown. "Obviously there's some mental problems there and she's not able to see that," Bass said. "No one is able to get to her. I'm actually really scared for her and I hope someone is able to get to her to give her the help she needs."

Bynes—who insists all is well despite her recent erratic behavior—did not take that comment well. In fact, it made her so upset she forgot how to count the passage of years. "I haven't spoken to Lance Bass in 11 years!" Bynes said of the man she worked with on a 2005 film called Love Wrecked. "To say I have a mental illness out of nowhere makes me lash out! You're making me crazy!"

Bass responded gracefully on Twitter: "The Amanda I know would never had said something like this to me. Either this is a fake person or she really does have a mental illness. Way too sad. I reached out. All I can do."

In related news, this is the most press the ABC Family movie Love Wrecked—starring Bynes and produced by Bass—has ever received.