May 17, 2013


Small Australian Town Goes Crazy For Daft Punk Release Party

Daft Punk's new album has been streaming on iTunes for a minute now, but the robots' official album release party just hit the tiny, remote town of Wee Waa, Australia. And although the French duo didn't make an appearance at the festivities, there were hundreds of grade school children pinch-hitting for them.

In the so-adorable-I-can't-stand-it videos above and below, watch as the kids of Wee Waa don Daft Punk's signature masks, get down to "Get Lucky" and practice the robot dance in school. It's probably the cutest thing you'll see all day unless you yourself are a robot, in which case we apologize for the rampant stereotyping of your kind.

As for the main event, check out some sick bird's eye footage from the Random Access Memories fest at the bottom of the page. Reports indicate the town of Wee Waa hasn't glowed this much past sundown since the time those fireflies got stuck in Old Man Thompson's shed.

Flyover Footage from Daft Punk's Album Release Party

Daft Punk Crowd in Wee Waa, Australia

Photo Credit: boudist/Instagram
Photo Credit: boudist/Instagram