May 20, 2013


Beck Brings Sheet Music Songs to Life for First Time

As you may remember, Beck dropped a his new album Song Reader the old school way last year. Like, Tin Pan Alley old school: The indie maestro released 20 new tunes available only as a collected book of sheet music, telling fans "bringing [these songs] to life depends on you."

Thankfully, Beck finally caved in and performed two Song Reader tunes for the first time ever onstage in Santa Cruz. Watch subdued acoustic performances of "Sorry" below and "Heaven's Ladder" above. And if you find yourself in London on July 4 (you unpatriotic bastard!) you can catch Beck and an A-list roster of musicians bring the entire album to life for the first time. His friends for the evening include Jarvis Cocker, Franz Ferdinand, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beth Orton.