May 7, 2013


Brooklyn Supergroup Girl Crisis Take on Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian"

Twice a year, Brooklyn's Girl Crisis—an all-female indie supergroup—drop an incredible cover on YouTube. If you're unfamiliar with these videos, think of them as Brooklyn's answer to Jimmy Fallon and the Roots sitting down with Carly Rae or Mariah on his late night show to cover hit songs on toy instruments. 

But instead of 30 Rock, these videos are filmed in someone's cramped apartment. And while NBC provides hi-def TV cameras, these videos are shot on grainy 8mm film. And most importantly, these videos feature indie music luminaries from Chairlift, Au Revoir Simone, Class Actress and other local outfits instead of chart-topping pop stars. 

Their latest cover is a ramshackle take on the Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian," an '80s hit that's never out of style. Girl Crisis' crystal-clear voices and casual musical approach give the New Wave staple a delightfully lo-fi feel. Watch it above and check out their YouTube channel for past covers of Ace of Base and Black Sabbath.