May 9, 2013


Surprise! Catholic League Hates David Bowie's Religion-Bashing Video

While you'd think the Catholic Church would love a religion-eviscerating music video starring David Bowie as Christ, you'd be wrong.

In a knee-jerk reactionary online post, Catholic League President Bill Donahue lashed out at Bowie's "The Next Day" video, which depicts priests (one of whom is played by Gary Oldman!) cavorting with hookers and beating the homeless.

"The video reflects the artist—it is a mess," Donahue wrote, calling Bowie "a bisexual senior citizen from London" as if that's somehow an insult instead of a fact. The Catholic activist said Bowie is "confused about religion" but doesn't provide any exact objections to the video's content. But presumably the pagan orgy overtones, Marion Cotillard's stigmata and Bowie dressed as Jesus are the items that irked the Catholic League.

Not only are the Catholic League's complaints unspecific, but they're unsurprising. Donahue has wailed and gnashed his teeth so often at the godless liberals that he earned himself a parody on South Park a few years back. Watch "The Next Day" clip above and check out South Park's parody of the Catholic League prez below.