May 15, 2013


Chris Brown Confirms Never-Before-Heard Aaliyah Vocals on New Single

The rumor mill was a-buzzin' earlier this week when Complex reported Chris Brown was prepping a video tribute to the late Aaliyah. Turns out Breezy was shooting his new music video for a track featuring vocals from the late R&B princess.

According to Rap-Up, Breezy confirmed that his new single "They Don't Know" will incorporate previously unheard vocals from Aaliyah! You can get a quick preview of it from a Vine video shot on set.

Shot in what he calls the "hood of LA", Brown said he is "bringing both worlds together, trying to uplift the poverty side of the community and show them where I'm from." He added, "I'm from Virginia, but everybody comes from a broken home or being broke—I remember when I was."

Exciting stuff, but don't expect to hear praise from rival Drake. In the past two years, Drizzy's admiration/slightly-creepy obsession with Aaliyah was revealed. He resurrected the late R&B singer's vocals when he guested on new Aaliyah track "Enough Said" and had her face and birthday tattooed on him.

Now the question is: Will Drake try to one up his bottle-throwing rival with yet another new Aaliyah song and tattoo? Your move, Drizzy.