July 2, 2013


New Report Confirms Drugs Involved in Kris Kross Member's Death

UPDATE (7/2): The Fulton County Medical Examiner confirmed that Kelly had a mixture of drugs in his system the night of his death, but declined to say which specific drugs Kelly consumed. 

Although a toxicology test has yet to reveal the exact cause of Chris Kelly's death, an Atlanta police report revealed that the Kris Kross rapper consumed both cocaine and heroin the night before his death at age 34. 

The official report stated his mother "had brought Kelly home [Tuesday night] to recover from his drug use and had done this several times in the past," according to People magazine. 

The next day, Kelly passed out on his living room couch, at which point his mother called 911. When paramedics' efforts to revive him at his home failed, he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Earlier today, Kelly's mentor and producer Jermaine Dupri penned a heartfelt tribute to the "Jump" rapper, calling him the "son I never had." Watch Kris Kross perform their No. 1 hit on In Living Color below.