May 11, 2013


Daft Punk Are NOT Bringing New Album to a Venue Near You

Do you hear that? It's the sound of a million dying audiophile hearts. In an interview yesterday with Australia's Triple J radio, Daft Punk revealed that they have absolutely no plans to perform Random Access Memories live. 

"There is no plans to play this album live right now," they said.

"We spent five years working on this record. That’s really the first step by releasing it is we’d like to have people experience the record as the focal point."

Man, you guys are such teases. First you go around with complete abandon setting the entire interwebs into a frenzy with all your rumored appearances and album teasers and now THIS?!

But despite this crushing disappointment, there was a lot of talk of positivity as well. Like, a lot:

"Most of the ideas behind this record is ideas of celebration. Probably because it was created in a very timeless bubble, it ends up being a very optimistic record with very celebratory and optimistic lyrics.

"And it's coming at a point where, you know, in a world that is not so optimistic and which is somehow, maybe, more cynical and slightly pessimistic. This offset is obviously interesting.

"There's somehow this encapsulated enthusiasm."

Well, the record better be super celebratory and optimistic, because (now that I know I'm probably never going to live out my dreams of an intoxicating RAM live show), I'm feeling pretty low right now.

Let's just hope Pharrell Williams continues performing "Get Lucky" live on repeat and that Giorgio Moroder will actually show up at one of those EDM festivals he talked about. 

Le sigh…

Check out the full interview here.