May 13, 2013


Daft Punk Preview New Song "Give Life Back to Music" in Teaser Clip

Guys...stay's only eight days until the new Daft Punk album finally arrives. Yes, only EIGHT! 

To tide us over, the Parisian electro maestros have dropped a 15-second video preview of the album's opener, "Give Life Back to Music," featuring Chic's Nile Rodgers and smooth funk-jazz producer-composer Paul Jackson, Jr. The robot duo enter a spaceship and bust out a Random Access Memories vinyl album, and let the needle drop on 15 seconds of the sexy-rockin' intro track.

Fuse got the first listen of Daft Punk's new album, and the full opening track is epic. It features a glittery, super-charged arena-rock intro (think '70s Bowie-meets-jet engine) which rises, then settles into a funk-groove with guitar (courtesy of Rodgers) not unlike Kool & the Gang's "Too Hot." 

You don't hear it in the short clip above, but the full track leads to robotic vocals singing a mournful (yes, mournful) melody: "Turn on the music of your life." It's an homage to the dance floor and you'll wanna bust out some Travolta-style moves, a la Saturday Night Fever.

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