Guys...stay's only eight days until the new Daft Punk album finally arrives. Yes, only EIGHT! 

To tide us over, the Parisian electro maestros have dropped a 15-second video preview of the album's opener, "Give Life Back to Music," featuring Chic's Nile Rodgers and smooth funk-jazz producer-composer Paul Jackson, Jr. The robot duo enter a spaceship and bust out a Random Access Memories vinyl album, and let the needle drop on 15 seconds of the sexy-rockin' intro track.

Fuse got the first listen of Daft Punk's new album, and the full opening track is epic. It features a glittery, super-charged arena-rock intro (think '70s Bowie-meets-jet engine) which rises, then settles into a funk-groove with guitar (courtesy of Rodgers) not unlike Kool & the Gang's "Too Hot." 

You don't hear it in the short clip above, but the full track leads to robotic vocals singing a mournful (yes, mournful) melody: "Turn on the music of your life." It's an homage to the dance floor and you'll wanna bust out some Travolta-style moves, a la Saturday Night Fever.

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