May 22, 2013


People Are Paying Thousands for Imitation Daft Punk Helmets

Shirlaine Forrest
Shirlaine Forrest

You may have seen a few imitation Daft Punk paper helmets walking around your office recently in celebration of the electronic duo's release of their latest album, Random Access Memories. Or is that just us? (We work at a music channel.)

According to the Wall Street Journal, fans aren't satisfied with just paper helmets—amateur helmet makers are taking to eBay to hawk their handmade Daft Punk wares, and they're made out of way fancier things than paper. These things actually light up and everything. And they're being sold for big bucks.

Kevin Furry, the man behind LED Effects Inc., the company who installed the electronics for Daft Punk's Discovery-era helmets, said fans called incessantly after getting a glimpse of the helmets. The company eventually had to put a notice on their website saying they wouldn't make replicas without Daft Punk's permission.

That's when fans began to make their own and sell them on the Internet. A quick search on eBay for "Daft Punk helmet" currently returns over 150 results, with the highest-priced helmet starting at $800, which is less than half of what some fans are willing to pay. Thomas Spragge, a toy-maker in Massachusetts, recently got $1,125 for his homemade Daft Punk helmet he put up on eBay, and that was after 60 bids. 

Just in case you don't want to spend your rent on a light-up helmet that you can probably only wear to a costume party, let us remind you that the paper at your office is basically free. Print out a Daft Punk helmet and call it a day.