May 23, 2013


Daft Punk Now Have Their Own Racecar

Photo Credit: Lotus F1 Team/Twitter
Photo Credit: Lotus F1 Team/Twitter

British racing team Lotus F1 just upped their street cred by a million points. The team is currently behind the wheel of an official Daft Punk racecar. Possibly in an effort to get lucky on the race track? (Sorry, had to.)

The promo below shows the mysterious duo jumping in the driver's seat(s) of a sweet racer emblazoned with the Daft Punk logo. The car in the clip is the same one racing in the Grand Prix de Monaco, which started today and ends May 26. (Daft Punk is not actually behind the wheel, though. At least as far as we're able to tell...)

What does this mean for the band or for their newly released Random Access Memories? We have no idea. The point is there is a Daft Punk racecar.