May 26, 2013


Daft Punk Take Monaco!

Last week we discovered what was previously thought impossible. Daft Punk found a way to achieve an even greater level of cool: announcing they have a freaking F1 car.

In the wee hours of the morning (local time) the Daft Punk Lotus team F1 car saw its first race. And the EDM godfathers were there to support it—decked out in their signature helmets and Lotus' racing fire suits.

The car features the group's name prominently on the cockpit and the overall design is based on Daft Punk's aesthetic. Even Lotus' Twitter page got a Daft Punk makeover and live tweets from the race were often followed by #DaftPunk and #GetLucky.

Check out oodles of pics from the event here.

Sadly, the DP car failed to finish the race and even crashed in the closing laps.

But we doubt Daft Punk are sulking in their helmets—when your album is set for a No. 1 debut and people are paying thousands for knock-off headgear, your gunna Get Lucky for along time to come.