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Listen: Demi Lovato's Full 'Demi' Album

Lovatics rejoice! Hear all 13 tracks from the singer's upcoming fourth studio album right now

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Lovato Premieres Every 'Demi' Track on Twitter

Who has time to wait for an actual album release anymore? Demi Lovato surprised fans yesterday by releasing every track on her upcoming fourth studio album, Demi, via Twitter. The album's actual release date is May 14.

"Who wants to hear my album RIGHT NOW???" Demi tweeted yesterday afternoon. And then she delivered every song one by one with a link to each YouTube page.

Click through to hear Demi's entire new album track by track, and brush up on the first Demi single, "Heart Attack."

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Track 2 - Made in the U.S.A.

An upbeat, midtempo ode to a good, ol' fashioned American love story.

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Track 3 - Without the Love

Demi doesn't want to hear your "love song without the love," fellas. Shape up.

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Track 4 - Neon Lights

Coming soon to a spin class near you.

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Track 5 - Two Pieces

A piano-driven power breakup (and getting back together) anthem.

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Track 6 - Nightingale

A delicate piano is the best platform for Demi's powerhouse voice. "Nightingale" is the perfect example.

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Track 7 - In Case

We're picking up Christina Perri vibes here. Anyone else?

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Track 8 - Really Don't Care (featuring Cher Lloyd)

We love a good Demi slow jam, but we also love when she gets real sassy, like she does on this dance-pop track. The song's vocal guest, Queen of Sass Cher Lloyd, really ups the ante here.

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Track 9 - Fire Starter

A punchy, driving pop jam with a pinch of ubiquitous EDM.

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Track 10 - Something That We're Not

Shout out to all the friends with benefits in the crowd. Demi knows: that sh-t never ends well.

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Track 11 - Never Been Hurt

We could see Paramore's Hayley Williams covering this one. More pop-rock, Demi!

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Track 12 - Shouldn't Come Back

Demi's "sorry she's not sorry" she broke up with you. So move along.

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Track 13 - Warrior

A deep, confessional piano ballad serving us Christina Aguilera "Beautiful" realness. This is why her fans love her.


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