May 21, 2013


5 Most Absurd Lyrics in The-Dream, Beyonce, 2 Chainz Collab "Turnt"

When we got an early listen of The-Dream's forthcoming IV Play album, the mega producer preceded the session with one phrase: "Y'all are gonna wanna f-ck."

We heard ten new tracks, but a few were left off—including "Turnt" featuring Beyonce and 2 Chainz. But today, The-Dream revealed the all-star collab along with the rest of IV Play via his Vevo account.

The grinding hip hop/R&B collabo doesn't necessarily make us want to f-ck, but sort of leaves us feeling a little nasty and, ultimately, confused. Take a listen to the musical threesome and listen up for the 5 Most Absurd Lyrics from "Turnt."

5) Beyonce: "People think I'm crazy / But I love you 'cause you're crazy too."

4) The-Dream: "Got my chains on / And they're jelly / Where’s Michelle at? / And where’s Kelly?"

3) Beyonce: "I'm ready to go / Ready to blow like Grammy night / In the back of that limousine / Billy Bob & Angeline."

2) 2 Chainz: "I kill that thang / Whoa, manslaughter / You so sexy man, I flexin' shawty / I'll drink yo' bathwater."

1) Beyonce: "On my phone like Siri / Talking 'bout you gon kill it / Beat it up 'til I black out / Cash out."