May 10, 2013


Post-Hardcore Quintet Escape the Fate Tackle Bullying & Teen Suicide in New Videos

With Escape the Fate's new album Ungrateful dropping May 14, Fuse sat down with the post-hardcore outfit to learn how the band came up with the concepts behind their "Ungrateful" and "You're Insane" music videos, the former of which tackles bullying and teen suicide. 

"I wanted to show people the reality of it, which is why we included pictures of teens who took their lives because they couldn't stand it anymore," lead singer Craig Mabbitt says of their "Ungrateful" video. "We wanted to be real about it—we didn't want it to be cheesy."

"We've been victims of it and we've been the bad guys, the bullies in that situation," drummer Robert Ortiz admits. "The concept is to break the cycle."

As for the band's "You're Insane" clip—which features Mabbitt's 6-year-old daughter—Ortiz reveals it's very autobiographical. "We were given a ticket to take over the world and a lot of money and we squandered it. We went down into dark hole where we hated everything and weren't grateful for it and we were depressed," Ortiz says. "It's a reflection of us. That character [in the video] is us—you get this chance and you screw it up."

For full details on those two music videos, watch the clip above. And to learn how touring members TJ Bell and Michael Money became official members of Escape the Fate last year, watch the interview video below.