J. Cole on TLC Collabo: "They're Doing What I Love Them For"

While J. Cole admitted that his upcoming album Born Sinner won't have any guest rappers, that doesn't mean he won't have any guests. Aside from Miguel, who appears with the rapper on "Power Trip," it was revealed earlier today that T-Boz and Chilli, the surviving members of TLC, hopped on a track.

"I wanted to go get my favorites and then have them do the things that I love them for doing," Cole tells Fuse. "[TLC] is doing what I love them for. It's a blessing to even have them."

Asked how the collabo came to fruition, Cole said it was about having the right team in place. "Sometimes you need management to pull those favors and make those calls," Cole admits. "They got me in touch. [TLC] loved the song; they loved the music. I got T-Boz in L.A.; she came to the studio. I got Chilli in Atlanta. It was just an incredible experience."

The rapper changed the date of Born Sinner's release to June 18 to compete with Kanye West, who'll release Yeezus the same day. Speaking to Fuse's Esteban Serrano, Cole said, "I'm not going to sit in his shadow." We'll see next month if both albums live up to the hype.

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