May 13, 2013


JoJo's Cover of "Sister Wife" Is So Good She Should Move to Utah

Not only has R&B wunderkind JoJo introduced us to indie singer-songwriter Alex Winston with her new cover "Sister Wife," but she also managed to turn a song about sister wives—yes, the TLC kind—into a soulful pop ballad. No small feat, ladies and gentlemen.

For Fender's live cover sessions, JoJo turned to Michigan singer Alex Winston and her quirky, dreamy track about sharing your husband with other wives. According to the Pittsburgh Music Report, Alex says the song is more about "having to share something that you love" than polygamy, and that must have struck a chord with JoJo. Have you heard her cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room"—homegirl is pretty mad at someone. And, for our sake, we're glad she's still steaming enough to let it out on "Sister Wife."