May 30, 2013


Is Kanye West Hiding Tickets for His Air Yeezy 2 Shoe in His New Album?

Don Arnold
Don Arnold

According to persistent online rumors, Kanye West is the new Willy Wonka

The G.O.O.D. Music honcho and expecting father is possibly-maybe including 1,000 tickets to purchase a pair of his all-red Air Yeezy 2 shoes in random copies of his upcoming Yeezus album.

Speculation began when 'Ye sported a pair of the red sneakers during his jaw-dropping SNL performance, after which his girlfriend Kim Kardashian Insta'd a pic of the shoes next to a copy of Yeezus.

Now an unverified Instagram account has posted an image of a red Air Yeezy 2 numbered "0006/1000" along with "June 18th 2013" stamped into the shoe—which is also the release date of West's sixth album.

Photo Credit: Jsusneaks/Instagram
Photo Credit: Jsusneaks/Instagram

Whether this is intentionally leaked information or a total fabrication is up to you to decide. Regardless, this seeming connection between the shoes, the album and the 1,000 numbered units is leading many to speculate 'Ye will include a ticket to purchase the shoe in select copies of Yeezus. It might be a stretch, but hey, this is the guy who debuted a new video via simultaneous global broadcasts on various buildings. So he has a history of creative marketing tactics.

And if this isn't an Internet hoax, whoever nabs a ticket to buy a pair of Air Yeezy 2s is going to be happier than Charlie and his uncle. A pair of these hard-to-find shoes—which cost $245 retail—sold for $90,300 on eBay last summer. NINETY THOUSAND AND THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. You can start up your own damn chocolate factory for that.

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