June 14, 2013


Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé & Michelle Williams Reunite on "You Changed"

Destiny's Child song is always a big deal—whether they're labeling it one or not.

The full version of "You Changed" off Kelly Rowland's upcoming Talk a Good Game album made its way online! It features Beyoncé and Michelle Williams aka her Destiny's Child bandmates. But don't call it a DC reunion.

"It’s not a Destiny’s Child track," Rowland told Billboard this month. "It's me featuring Beyoncé and Michelle."

Despite the distinction (?), the track does recall the ladies' earlier work, like the head-boppin' beat of 2005 single "Girl." But while Bey usually led the trio, it's Rowland taking the reigns from the opening line: "Ladies, ya'll wanna do it again?"

Get a feel for the R&B track above and check out "Nuclear"—Destiny's Child's first song in eight years—in case you missed its original February release.