May 9, 2013


Mac Miller Is Nude on His New Album Cover!

The cover of Mac Miller's sophomore album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, looks a little bit like high art—the Pittsburgh rapper is sitting at a table in front of a stark red wall. There's an apple and a vase of flowers on the table and a little gold cherub hanging in the corner of the room. Oh, and he's naked.

The tatted-up MC is completely nude on the cover of his new album. He's sitting at a dining table spread eagle, and all we have to say is that we've never been more thankful for a "Parental Advisory" sticker. This one is placed conveniently on what the French call his "junk." 

The scary part is somewhere, on some memory card in some VIP's camera; the real photo exists without that sticker. And we hope it doesn't show up on the Internet any time soon—that is not a good angle for anyone.

Mac Miller's Watching Movies With the Sound Off is out June 18.