May 9, 2013


Listen to Madonna's Workout Playlist

If you saw Madonna at the 2013 Met Gala, then you saw one fit 54 year old! Madge rocked a punk-themed suit jacket and... well, not much else—have a peek right here. She looked damn fit, right? Well, she has a little help in the gym.

Madge's personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, told New York Magazine about preparing Madonna for the big night, and which tunes the pop vet blasts while working out.

"We're listening to a lot of old-school R&B," she said. "The program that we're doing has slower toning and a lower BPM," which helps the legs and bum. Winhoffer uses artists like Missy Elliott, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Rihanna and classic Jay-Z material.

She added, "Last week, we were listening to a lot of remixes, like remixed Christina and Britney songs. Sometimes I play Rastafarian music and she's like, 'What is that?' [laughs] It's good to change it up, keep the imagination and brain working and keep her body inspired."

Here's a 30-song workout playlist inspired by Madonna's gym favorites. Listen below!