May 20, 2013


Miguel Almost Killed Someone at Last Night's Billboard Music Awards

R&B singer Miguel is known for his crazy-energetic live performances. (Read: "How Many Drinks" performance on SNL.) But he was one kick jump away from decapitating a female fan in the audience last night at the Billboard Music Awards.

Miguel was really feeling it during his "Adorn" performance, so he decided, "What the hell, I'm gonna attempt this epic leap across about five rows of people onto the walkway in front of them." Then... OH NO.

As he barely makes his landing, it looks like a fan's head got in the way of Miguel's crotch, practically trapping the poor girl in a headlock. But life-threatening injuries be damned, the show must go on! Miguel finished the song like a pro.

Despite what it looks like (or the laws of physics), somehow the girl isn't in the hospital. She's actually completely fine. "Got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay," Miguel tweeted after the performance. She was even seen backstage with the singer... and an ice pack.

For the one person who actually cares about the full "Adorn" performance, peep the video above. (Deadly jump-kick at 2:55.) For everyone else, enjoy a Vine of the moment and a bonus WWE remix below.