May 15, 2013


Mikky Ekko Is Here to Stay on "Disappear"

For those of you still asking, "Who that's guy in Rihanna's 'Stay' video?" here's your answer. His name is Mikky Ekko, he's a singer-songwriter (he actually wrote "Stay"), and he's not going anywhere any time soon.

His latest? "Disappear," a haunting, soulful ballad that showcase's the Louisiana vocalist's impressive pipes. According to his SoundCloud, it's still a "ruff demo," so no word on if it'll be on his forthcoming debut album, which is rumored to feature songwriting greats Paul Epworth, Dave Sitek and John Hill, to name a few.

Listen to Mikky Ekko's "Disappear" above. (And forgive us for imagining Rihanna grabbing a guest verse on the official single. We can dream, can't we?)