May 28, 2013


Nicki Minaj Offers Backhanded Apology to Hot 97 Over Summer Jam Beef

One year after Nicki Minaj pulled out of Hot 97 Summer Jam over DJ Peter Rosenberg's "Starships" diss, the Idol judge swung by the New York radio station to quash the feud while simultaneously rubbing salt in the beef.

Although Minaj previously said Lil Wayne made the final decision to pull her out of Summer Jam in 2012, she now regrets not performing. "I've never allowed what I've gone through personally to let my fans down," she said on the Hot 97 morning show. "Even if it wasn't a Nicki MInaj fan, it was somebody who had paid to see the show.

"I think in hindsight I should have just come out… [the fans] shouldn't have been brought into whatever we were going through. I apologize for not coming out and doing the show... a whole bunch of people were punished for something they knew nothing about and had no control over."

But don't think her remorse for canceling her show means she's forgiven the DJ who slammed "Starships," calling it "bullsh*t" and igniting the feud in the first place.

"To me, you don't have enough of a resume to make those comments," Minaj said to Rosenberg's face. "I never found you funny, I never found you entertaining, I never found you smart. I just found you annoying."

Ouch. Even after a year of judicial feuding on Idol, it's starting to seem like Mariah Carey got off easy. Watch the full interview—including Rosenberg's timid defense of his hip hop credentials—above.