May 13, 2013


Owl City's Oreo Commercial Makes Us Want to Barf Hearts

As if Oreos weren't sweet enough (oh the caloric intake and guilt from accidentally eating a sleeve or two ... or three), Owl City just released a ridiculously adorable jingle for the creme-filled delights. Singer Adam Young even name drops "baby seals." You'll awwwww 'til you barf hearts. See above.

Oreo and Owl City unveiled the "OREO Wonderfilled Anthem" by uploading it to the popular cookie's YouTube account this weekend. The way-too-cute song imagines a world where all can enjoy Oreo cookies no matter if you're imaginary, dead or an animal!

He also asks pressing questions, like, if you gave an Oreo to a vampire would he "thirst for milk instead?" 

But the indisputable highlight arrives when a great white shark shares a cookie with baby seals and a giant squid. Then there's a big group hug!! Fuzzy feeling overload.

Still hungry for an Oreo?