May 22, 2013


Cash Money Records Is Releasing Paris Hilton's New Album

Mike Windle
Mike Windle

What do Lady Gaga's third album, Beyonce's fifth album, Kanye West's sixth album all have in common? They're all not nearly as anticipated—nor delayed—as Paris Hilton's sophomore album.

This week we found out good news for the long-awaited follow-up to 2006's Paris. The heiress has inked a deal with Cash Money Records (home to Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj) to finally put out her new record.

According to Showbiz411, whose columnist chatted up Hilton at a party (naturally), she's currently recording her house-inspired, Afrojack-produced album and hopes to have it out by the summer. 

If it sounds crazy that a millionaire heiress socialite is now on the same home as A-list rappers, it isn't. Cash Money is dipping into the EDM world and signed their first act in the genre in February with Aussie producers the Stafford Brothers. (Hear the Weezy and Christina Milian-assisted single "Hello" here.)

Not to mention, both the Cash Money crew andthe multi-million dollar heiress are defined by the moolah. This is the company whose CEO hasdollar signs tattoos and outfits cost at least $1 million. Plus, a majority of Cash Money tracks deal with partying, making money, partying, fancy thing and partying: a lifestyle Hilton centers her life around.

The record will feature "many hip hop acts," including Wayne, but we're going to guess it's not their ill-received "Last Night" track. It ended up being released on Pitbull's Global Warming album featuring Havana Brown.

"It's a lot different than my first album," Hilton said. While having an all-star EDM and hip hop cast with Afrojack and Tunechi backing her sure helps, we remember guilty pleasure track "Stars are Blind" and how it was a Top 20 hit in the U.S. It didn't play off of any crazy trends or features, but instead used a nice reggae-pop beat with some purring-like vocals. 

But maybe more is more for this second album?