May 1, 2013


Daft Punk Are Leading a "New Wave in Music," Says Pharrell Williams

Karl Walter
Karl Walter

Will Daft Punk's Random Access Memories hurry up and drop already!? Seriously, the hype is getting completely of control at this point, thanks in part to Pharrel Williams, who has more ear-watering teasers about the French duo's upcoming release.

He recently told Rolling Stone that Daft Punk aren't simply releasing a new album, but that they're ushering in an entire "new wave" of music.

"I think more than anything else I'm just excited about the change, a new wave in music," he said. "There's something happening in the ether, and you know about it or you don't. And if you know, it's because you're probably somewhere engineering the change. If you don't know about it then you're probably somewhere missing your call, and you're gonna end up chasing it."

The eight-time Grammy winner, who's now back at the top of the charts with the Random Access Memories single "Get Lucky,"  added, "The people that are leading are gonna do some really incredible things because they're reaching from oblivion to come up with new stuff. So, to me, that's interesting to watch."

"I think the robots are leading," Williams said. "Daft Punk, they're definitely leading."

Daft Punk may be leading, but not all of their new material is completely new, FACT reports. A fan apparently found an early version of the RAM track "Contact" buried in a 2002 DJ set at Amsterdam's Paradiso.

Listen below: