May 13, 2013


Mobb Deep's Prodigy Writing New Autobiography, Fiction Books

In his 2011 autobiography My Infamous LifeMobb Deep’s Prodigy detailed his rough upbringing, criminal background and battles with sickle cell anemia and drugs. But as the rapper tells Fuse, a new autobiography and line of fiction books are on the way.

"I've been working on a continuation of my first autobiography," says Prodigy. "I started the first one in 2004 and finished it when I was locked up [The rapper ended a three-year prison sentence for possession of a firearm in 2011]. The first book ends with me in jail about to come home. I’m halfway through the next book, which has to do with the trials and errors of building my label Infamous Records.

"Mobb Deep started in the hip hop game when we were like 15 and we ain't really had no know-how about the business," he continues. "We was just wild kids who wanted some gold, some cars and to be on TV. It took some time to get to the point of, 'Oh wait a minute. We can make some money off this if we control the business.'"

While the rapper hopes to release his as-yet-untitled second autobiography sometime this year, he’s also been hard at work on H.N.I.C., his first fiction book written with British fantasy/horror writer Steven Savile.

"It's about some stick-up kids from Brooklyn and they get real heavy into the robberies and extortion and all that type of stuff," explains the rapper. "They end up flipping on each other. It's crazy. I wrote the bulk of the story and sent it to Steve. He checked it out and said, 'I think we should put a little twist here, a little twist there, change this part, etc.' He adds some plot points and twists."

Prodigy says the idea to write fiction has been a long time coming. "The first story that I wrote was Murda Musik in 2002. It was a straight-to-DVD movie and that was a fictional story based on real life things with Mobb Deep. We gonna put that out in book form also. Fiction is fun because you can just use your imagination and create and come up with different scenarios like, "What if this happened? Or let's add a character here and do something crazy."

Before any of that, though, the rapper is currently prepping for the June 11 release of Albert Einstein, his seventh album and second with producer The Alchemist. Produced entirely by The Alchemist, the album features guest appearances by Raekwon, Action Bronson, Odd Future’s Domo Genesis, Roc Marciano and Havoc.