April 20, 2015


The 13 Raddest Musical Promposals

When it comes to prom, the biggest dance of the year, today's invitations are getting more and more crafty. So crafty, that you could put these elaborate "promposals" on par with marriage proposals. (No, seriously. Stephen Colbert even ran a segment on it for The Colbert Report.)

We've scoured YouTube for which high school students made the greatest musical promposals for their sweethearts. The results were heartfelt cover songs, flash mobs, music videos, twerking (yes, twerking) and so much more high school sweetheart cuteness. Watch our picks for 11 raddest and get your creative juices flowing.

#1Covering Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" in the Hallway

Maryland teen Bobby Chin singing Jason Mraz's signature hit was so adorable, the NY Daily News covered it. He croons, "Hey Sofia / I want you to know / that I met you about six months ago / You made me some large fries / They were the best fries of my life," before asking the aforementioned Sofia to the dance. 

What's weird is that neither the YouTube description nor Post confirms if they met in a McDonald's.

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