May 7, 2013


Watch: Riff Raff Plays "Jamie Franko" on Soap Opera 'One Life to Live'

Houston, TX-bred oddball-genius Riff Raff claims to be the "rap game James Franco." Well, more like "Jamie Franko," which (as promised) is the name of the character Mr. Raff plays in a new episode of soap opera One Life to Live. Watch above.

Riff Raff plays a grimy Miami art dealer who demands money from a club owner.  "This place is gorgeous, it must cost a fortune to run," he says, a grin on his face. "I came to get my moneys, I need my fettucini." Genius. 

Later, he tries to hook up with a girl and the club owner isn't feeling it. "Didn't these little mermaids get the message I sent you in a bottle?" Franko asks the club owner, referencing payment. "She's not for sale," the owner replies. Franko's wad of cash is returned and he gets the boot. Let's hope he returns next episode for revenge.

One Life to Live was recently canceled on TV, then returned exclusively online. We can't wait to see what special guest appears next. Hey, maybe the real James Franco, who's known to appear on soap operas.